Earn with your Snap’s

PLiXS is an online community for photographers and other creative people who want to publish their works - or search great pictures for their projects. It does not matter if it is online or offline. All images published on PLiXS are 100% free and can be used for private, and usually for commercial purposes. The extent to which an image may actually be used can be read on the right of the image - because the license chosen by the author appears there.

A good 99% of the pictures published on PLiXS do not require a picture credits - but the photographers, like us, are happy about a fair link or fair picture reference.

Surely, you are wondering why photographers make the pictures available for free? Well, there are three answers to that;

1. It is not a commercial photographer, but a natural person who is proud of their motives and wants to share them with the public. The reward for the work done is their image credits and community praise or likes and comments on the pictures.

2. The photographers advertise with their pictures and draw attention to themselves. People who are looking for a good photographer can marvel at their work and in the best case make a booking - just write a private message to the photographer.

3. This is a supplementary point. Although the pictures are published for free, they can earn cash with them. There are now two different and combinable variants.

  1. In the first variant you earn money by placing a "donation link" next to the pictures - with which the users can send you a donation. This donation will be transferred directly to the specified PayPal account.
  2. In the second variant, we stand out clearly from our competitors, because with us you have the opportunity to place ads next to your images in the form of Google Ads and thus earn money every time someone click on that. If you have a large portfolio on PLiXS, this is a very effective method. Below you will find a theoretical calculation example;
  • On average, it can be assumed that Google pays 1 USD per 1000 impressions. This means that with 1 million impressions, an average of approximately $ 1,000 will be distributed. The images published on PLiXS are viewed and downloaded thousands of times, which means that you can earn a lot of money with your pictures.

So and now it's up to you if you want to publish your works on PLiXS in order to earn money. In any case, we look forward to beautiful moments captured in pictures and treat them with every dollar they can earn.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the PLiXS team.


Example for the Ad Spaces to earn revenue.